Big Little World by Paul Wex

Hello Readers! I am a fan of upbeat, dynamic instrumental music. I find it's great background music to play while working, writing, or driving. Check out my latest favorite on Vimeo: Big Little World by Paul Wex. The video that accompanies the music is pretty awesome, too, though I prefer to just let the music play while … Continue reading Big Little World by Paul Wex


Fallin’ for you, Fall! Beautiful photos of autumn in New England

Have you ever made a "bucket list" of fun things to do for the fall season? I was inspired to write one, thanks to Pinterest where I kept reading awesome, creative "pins" featuring people's fall bucket lists. Hike a mountain, take a rain walk, carve pumpkins, make an autumnal bouquet, light pumpkin-scented candles, play in … Continue reading Fallin’ for you, Fall! Beautiful photos of autumn in New England

Portland-Pasco Trip 2016!

John and I flew out to Portland, Oregon, the week before the 4th of July. We visited with our close friends, Ben and Sarah Kelley. Ben took us out to eat for lunch at a funky eatery in downtown Portland. I couldn't help but think of the comedic skits from the popular show "Portlandia," which … Continue reading Portland-Pasco Trip 2016!

Volunteering at Kroka Expeditions!

Last weekend, Saturday, May 7th 2016, was "work day" at Kroka Expeditions. Kroka is an amazing place where youth can experience the wilderness in a hands-on, adventurous way. Students are taught new skills related to farming, camping, and wilderness survival, as well as how to live in community with animals, nature, and each other. Kroka is … Continue reading Volunteering at Kroka Expeditions!