Women Strike-But There’s No Spark

This article has been published on The Huffington Post. Leaders of January’s Women’s March organized a national strike today called “A Day Without A Woman.” Strikers are taking off work, skipping school, or not spending money in order to try and show what kind of impact women have on the economy. This event will likely … Continue reading Women Strike-But There’s No Spark


Women’s Marches Out of Step

This article has been published on The Huffington Post. On the path to progress, we can do better. The women’s marches that happened after President Donald Trump’s inauguration sought to advance human rights and to bring women together, but they further divided many of us. Granted, there were several positive aspects of the women’s marches—including … Continue reading Women’s Marches Out of Step

The Lonely Middle Ground

This article was published today on The Huffington Post. U.S. Representatives refuse to attend the Presidential Inauguration. Where has the “middle ground” in politics gone? Donald Trump’s upcoming presidential inauguration on January 20th is marked by a growing list of Democratic House members who are boycotting the event by not attending. Representatives including John Lewis … Continue reading The Lonely Middle Ground

‘Love Your Enemy,’ MLK Said

“Many persons have argued that this is an extremely difficult command.” –Dr. MLK, Jr. This article has been published on The Huffington Post. Shivers went down my spine after I read the written transcript of a sermon that Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered on November 17th, 1957, at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. I … Continue reading ‘Love Your Enemy,’ MLK Said

What’s Up with Bullying Ivanka Trump?

Is Ivanka Really Just a “Disney Princess?” This article has been published by The Huffington Post. The recent airplane incident where an angry man accosted Ivanka Trump and her family elevated the conversation about Ms. Trump getting harassed to a national level, but it’s been happening in the media for awhile now. Worse, it’s symptomatic … Continue reading What’s Up with Bullying Ivanka Trump?