Sons of the East – California – Playlist

Dear Friends - Good morning and happy Monday! Looking for an upbeat, slightly funky and happy music playlist to get your day started? This mix is indie/folk/alternative/country/bluegrass/balkan. Check it out! Good vibes, Kristen 🙂


Big Little World by Paul Wex

Hello Readers! I am a fan of upbeat, dynamic instrumental music. I find it's great background music to play while working, writing, or driving. Check out my latest favorite on Vimeo: Big Little World by Paul Wex. The video that accompanies the music is pretty awesome, too, though I prefer to just let the music play while … Continue reading Big Little World by Paul Wex

French Taste – Music Video and Sound

Good morning, Readers! This music video by Paul Wex called "French Taste" is awesome. It takes you on a mini vacation to France, away from the doldrums of daily life and into an inspiring world. Kind of like traveling to another country without all the hassle. 🙂 I recommend watching or listening (or both) to the … Continue reading French Taste – Music Video and Sound

A Sky Full of Stars Hi Readers, Sometimes, "alternatives" really are the best. Love this alternative music video for one of my favorite songs, "A Sky Full of Stars," by Coldplay. This song always makes me think about my husband, whose eyes are literally "skies full of stars." What's your jam? Happy Friday! Blessings, Kristen