Kristen’s Kaleidoscopic Kale Salad!

"Kristen's Kaleidoscopic Kale Salad" 1. salad ingredients: bag of organic kale, pre-washed dried  cranberries dried mangoes (snipped into little pieces with scissors) sliced almonds green apple (1 or 2, diced) 2. dressing ingredients: olive oil balsamic vinegar red wine vinegar chia seeds salt n pepper fresh ginger root, minced fresh squeezed lemon juice 3. directions: … Continue reading Kristen’s Kaleidoscopic Kale Salad!


Give the Gift of a Phone Call

Making meaningful social connections is good for mental & physical health. When’s the last time you’ve called someone with the sole purpose of encouraging, uplifting, or supporting them? In recent years I’ve begun making time each week to call a few people I know to say “hello.” It’s an act I’ve cultivated with intention. I usually … Continue reading Give the Gift of a Phone Call

Plant a Tree – How and Why To Do It

Where to buy trees and how to plant them. My husband and I recently bought our first home together, and while there are many trees on our property, we’re having fun planting new ones, as well. We feel excited and blessed by the chance to plant trees on the land, in our own small way, … Continue reading Plant a Tree – How and Why To Do It

Why I Tithe

I give 10% back to my community with every paycheck “We rise by lifting others.” — Robert Ingersoll “No one has ever become poor from giving.” — Maya Angelou “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop *** …Why do I tithe? I tithe because it feels good to know that some of my money each month is … Continue reading Why I Tithe

The House Painter Who Was Belting Out Reggae

What I learned from him. It was a cold spring day in New England. Cherry-tree flowers hung ripe and fluttering in the chilly breeze, and I watched the wind send their white petals blowing down the sidewalk ahead of me as I walked to my office. Gray clouds hung low and menacing overhead. “Why is it … Continue reading The House Painter Who Was Belting Out Reggae

The Smell of Fresh Mulch

In Reverence of Spring. I’m in New England it’s early May - Spring coolness, brown fuzz-dust Fairy dust garden workings - All the hedges, trees, gardens, are nourished once again with protective coverings of mulch. - A blower sounds; the landscapers are head down, working hard. - Everything looks cleaned up. - Green flowers blowing … Continue reading The Smell of Fresh Mulch

Why Children’s Books Are Fountains of Wisdom

“Miss Rumphius” taught me about humble acts of kindness. As I prepare to give birth to my first child — a little girl — in June, one of the things I’m most looking forward to is reading books together. I love the experience of being read aloud to. I love listening to someone else’s voice shape the words in … Continue reading Why Children’s Books Are Fountains of Wisdom