Kristen’s Kaleidoscopic Kale Salad!

"Kristen's Kaleidoscopic Kale Salad" 1. salad ingredients: bag of organic kale, pre-washed dried ¬†cranberries dried mangoes (snipped into little pieces with scissors) sliced almonds green apple (1 or 2, diced) 2. dressing ingredients: olive oil balsamic vinegar red wine vinegar chia seeds salt n pepper fresh ginger root, minced fresh squeezed lemon juice 3. directions: … Continue reading Kristen’s Kaleidoscopic Kale Salad!


“Love Like This” – Movie Trailer

Hello Friends! Check out this new movie trailer! It stars my former 4th grade teacher, Judy Bereczki (she plays the grandmother character). It explores what God and religion mean...and concludes that maybe everything culminates in ...Love.   Let me know what you think! Blessings, Kristen