Isn’t inspiration great?


It’s a feeling of golden sparkles…glitter…flowing liquid gold-honey energy, little pink flowers blowing in the breeze and whizzing blue stars…sea salt water foam, and rainbows: red, green, pink, yellow watercolor soft in constitution….golden autumn light through a tree…running through my heart, mind, and soul.

Inspiration leads to breakthroughs, miracles, joy, healing, creation of beauty, personal growth, helping others, happiness, learning, connection with God and others, and miracles. Never underestimate the power of inspiration. It can work in ways that seem small, but the ripples effects are powerful and positive.

As a Christian who practices yoga, when I come to my yoga mat and move through my vinyasa flow, I feel that I connect with the Holy Spirit in a big way. I leave class feeling energized and relaxed at the same time. The energy of the Holy Spirit is able to flow in my being  so much easier.

I leave yoga class (both as a student and as a teacher) feeling INSPIRED!

Another place where I gather inspiration is in nature. The beauty of nature — dew on early morning sheaves of grass…the sliver of a warming, pink sunrise on the eastern horizon…a bunny sitting on her nest at night…fills me with joy and the desire to help others and to share the happiness I feel.

I also get inspiration from other people’s actions and ideas, or words they speak or write. I’m inspired when I watch an athlete compete and win a competition or set a new record. I LOVE the feeling of awe, elation, exhaustion, and gratitude (in the case of many athletes-praise to God) that overcomes an athlete upon scoring the winning goal or crossing the finish line. It is so AWESOME!

I love going onto Pinterest for inspiration. The combination of a single beautiful image or words on an image is inspiring to me. I get ideas about crafts to make, clothes to wear, decorations for my home, things to do at home or in nature, and food to cook, simply by looking at a beautiful image/photograph.

I draw a lot of inspiration from things I read, namely, the Bible, Jesus Calling and Jesus Today by Sarah Young, positive quotes, tweets, poetry, prayers, and magazine articles.

Coffee, as well, can inspire me to do something positive and constructive,or to feel rejuvenated. 😉

Sometimes my inspiration results in me taking a nap on my living room floor while cuddling with my dogs. Inspiration doesn’t have to be big and loud, although it can be.

Believe that ANYTHING is possible.

What’s your inspiration?

Have a lovely weekend!!


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