A Yoga Teacher is Born!

Hello Friends!

I completed my 4-week teacher training program to become a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher! I am now available to teach private lessons (women-only) and I’ve begun teaching Community Classes at Prana Power Yoga in Winchester and Cambridge.

My goal as a yoga instructor is to bring health, healing, and power to my students. I teach all-levels Vinyasa and was trained and certified at Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My certification included training in Vinyasa and Restorative yoga, Ayurveda lifestyle and nutrition, Pranayama breathing, hands-on assisting, Chakra Balancing, and Pre-natal yoga.

A long-time yoga practitioner and former college Division I athlete, I combine a love of exercise and physical alignment with my passion for inspiring students to connect with their spirit and expand their happiness. I am a teacher and a healer, and I guide my students through an empowering transformation every time they show up on their yoga mat. Through an energizing yoga flow, I help individuals strengthen and tone their muscles and core, as well as achieve relaxation and renewal.

Blessings to you all, I hope to see you on the mat!




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