Portland-Pasco Trip 2016!

John and I flew out to Portland, Oregon, the week before the 4th of July. We visited with our close friends, Ben and Sarah Kelley. Ben took us out to eat for lunch at a funky eatery in downtown Portland. I couldn’t help but think of the comedic skits from the popular show “Portlandia,” which spoof some of quirks, joys, and weirdness the is Portland!

After lunch, John and I drove the car we rented to Ben and Sarah’s new home, located in a suburb of Portland. It was a beautiful and cozy new home. We met their white and multi-colored cat, who hung out outside our bedroom door waiting to play. There was a field and wildlife space outside their home. The inside was clean and very new. Best of all, sleeping was delicious and quiet, and Ben and Sarah left us bottled water and other kind touches of hospitality.

We went to see Sarah starting as Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady,” at an outdoor theater nearby. Ben was playing music in the orchestra. Sarah was phenomenal and really lit up the stage with her acting and singing. The weather was gorgeous- sunny and warm with blue skies all day. The cool, Pacific Northwest evening air cooled us down as we enjoyed our dinner picnic under the dusky sky and eventual stars… It was very awesome to be a part of the community, to watch our friends perform, and to be on a romantic date all at once! Ah, the joys of summertime.

The next morning after a deep and refreshing sleep, we rinsed off any remnants of jet lag and drove to Pasco, Washington, where John’s parents and some of his siblings live. We arrived and were greeted by lots of relatives and friends helping to prepare for Matt and Hayley’s wedding. We helped with the preparations, took family photos with all the Middletons, and enjoyed a yummy rehearsal dinner at Hayley’s parents’ house in Pasco.

The wedding the next day was very beautiful. Hayley had planned out lots of details, and they came together beautifully and seamlessly the day of. After a night of toasting, dancing, eating, and catching up with people, we turned in for the night.

The next few days were filled with playing with nieces and nephews, teaching impromptu yoga classes to family members, cleaning up, swimming in the pool, getting coffee at Roaster’s in downtown Pasco, and taking walks and runs around the farm. Our vacation was filled with lots of sunshine and time spent with family, which felt nourishing.

Finally, we headed back to Boston, eager to pick up Satchi and Penny and return to our home.

Some photos are below. Enjoy!





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