Potting plant cuttings in recycled jars and cans

I love Friday nights. The slow, relaxed, gentle, fun, laid back feeling of spending time with my family, watching basketball on T.V., getting creative with my plants, snuggling and playing with our pups, and cooking a nourishing meal feels divine after a long and busy week. Plus, I look forward to my Saturday morning yoga class!

Lately, on the weekends I’ve been focused on generating new Pothos plant cuttings.

Once they get a root in the jar of water I’ve placed them in, I plant them in a rich and nutritious soil, in a can or pot. I mix all sorts of vitamin rich ingredients into my soil, including blood meal, dried tea bag snippings, eggshells, sand, dried flowers and leaves, and more.

In addition, I reuse our dog food cans, Parmesan cheese containers, and tomato sauce glass jars for potting the young plants.

When John and I go to yard sales, I keep my eye out for beautiful or funky jars, mugs, or containers I can plant my cuttings in. I have found some really cool stuff!

The best part of this process is giving the plants away. I love love love my time growing and nurturing the plants, but giving them away as gifts to friends, neighbors, co-workers, people I meet, etc. is a truly special experience. People love getting plants! Even those who say they don’t have a green thumb take the plant and hold it with excitement, a twinkle in their eyes, and a genuine sense of care and honor emanating from their smiling faces.

It is like a little green “pet” and people are happy to receive it.

I feel good knowing that somebody will have this little sprout of life growing in their office, home, or classroom… And that I have added one more oxygen-giving, carbon dioxide absorbing plant to our planet.

In honor of kindness, joy, friendship, giving, and taking care of the earth~

Kristen 😊



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