We got our new puppy, Satchi, from Tennessee in mid-May. He’s a rescue, and my husband found him online! We love him and he is an exciting new addition to our family.

His older “sister,” our sweet Pomeranian, Penny, is 3 years old, and has been adjusting to having another dog in the home.

Sometimes she ignores him, other times she plays vigorously with him, reminding him that she is “in charge.” At other moments Penny plays coy, and receives love-bites and licks from Satchi (we think he’s just eating the food that was caught in her mane).

It is both joyful and exhausting having a puppy. He requires LOTS of attention, training, commands, pee breaks, etc.

Kudos to my husband, John, who for weeks before Satchi’s arrival was reading books and articles on how to train and care for a puppy, and discussing his ideas with me.

He is a hands-on Doggy Daddy, patiently taking Satchi on many walks throughout the day, training him, feeding both dogs, and also sharing his time and love with Penny. It’s a lot of work!

I love moments like these, though.

It’s a transition and there is learning, growth, and an abundance of love.

It’s a Saturday night and we are relaxing in our living room. John and I are working on our hobbies and relaxing on the couch, and the dogs are sleeping peacefully.

I’m thankful for these blessings in my life. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, too, and thanks for reading!




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