My Baptism

Baptism Testimony 6/19/16 Kristen Middleton I am thrilled to be taking the next step in my faith journey by getting baptized today. I was baptized as a baby, and occasionally attended church with my parents and sisters growing up. While I have always felt a connection to God, it wasn’t until I started yearning for … Continue reading My Baptism


Potting plant cuttings in recycled jars and cans

I love Friday nights. The slow, relaxed, gentle, fun, laid back feeling of spending time with my family, watching basketball on T.V., getting creative with my plants, snuggling and playing with our pups, and cooking a nourishing meal feels divine after a long and busy week. Plus, I look forward to my Saturday morning yoga … Continue reading Potting plant cuttings in recycled jars and cans

Summer Walks At Dusk

I love taking walks at dusk during the warmer months. There is something magical about the warm air, rainbow clouds streaking the sunset sky, and the way flowers look neon-colored in the twilight. Here are some photos from our family walk around our neighborhood in Lexington, Massachusetts, last night - an evening in early June. … Continue reading Summer Walks At Dusk