Beautiful flowers of spring & other Musings…

I love the lengthening days, abundant and clear sunshine, sound of birds and lazy weekend afternoons where you can take a nap with the windows open.

I love the feel of breezes, and the energy – zing! – of the early morning, encouraging me to get up and live life to the fullest. Now that John and I have 2 dogs (we added Satchi, our rescue puppy to our family a week ago) weekday mornings are especially active and busy. Between taking the dogs out, feeding, breakfast, getting ready for work, and the time I try to carve out for prayer and reading in the morning, there is a lot going on.

But I love to wake up next to my husband, I love the long stretch that Satchi makes as he lumbers out of his crate, and Penny’s little licks as she ambles up the bed to wake me up.

There is something so beautiful and happy about spring and summer mornings. The photos of various flowers I’ve taken, below, capture some of that color and exuberance.

May your week be filled with happy energy!





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