Beautiful flowers of spring & other Musings…

I love the lengthening days, abundant and clear sunshine, sound of birds and lazy weekend afternoons where you can take a nap with the windows open. I love the feel of breezes, and the energy - zing! - of the early morning, encouraging me to get up and live life to the fullest. Now that … Continue reading Beautiful flowers of spring & other Musings…


Volunteering at Kroka Expeditions!

Last weekend, Saturday, May 7th 2016, was "work day" at Kroka Expeditions. Kroka is an amazing place where youth can experience the wilderness in a hands-on, adventurous way. Students are taught new skills related to farming, camping, and wilderness survival, as well as how to live in community with animals, nature, and each other. Kroka is … Continue reading Volunteering at Kroka Expeditions!


Beautiful, rain covered lilacs in Cambridge, MA. The smell of lilacs is so wonderful and specific. It reminds me of spring times of my childhood: adventures in the gardens and woods of the Van Vleck Estate where we lived in the carriage house for the first five years of my life; making Mother's Day bouquets … Continue reading Lilacs

Earth Rock Run Half-Marathon!

  Hello Friends! I ran my very first half-marathon today in 2 hours 5 minutes! I had the support of my wonderful husband, John, and the encouragement of friends and family. My purpose in running the Earth Rock Run was two-fold: to fulfill a personal dream of mine to run a half-marathon (that's 13.1 miles), … Continue reading Earth Rock Run Half-Marathon!