“Nothing Without Joy”

imageI saw this quote surrounded by children’s artwork hanging up in one of the schools I work in.

I like what it says, and I like how simple it is – just three words.

What it means to me is that work or career, at least for Yo Yo Ma (famous musician) is nothing without joy. His music is beautiful and passionate.

At first, I was going to write that work is indeed meaningless or “nothing” without joy.

But I don’t actually think that’s true. I think a person can be ensnared in joyless work for awhile, maybe because at the time they feel it is the only way that they can earn money to survive, or to provide for their family. But lack of joy doesn’t make their work meaningless, or “nothing.”

In fact, if we think about it from a spiritual perspective, maybe someone has to go through this chapter in their life where they find work to be dull or painful. It is simply part of their journey of growth and finding what does feel good and joyful.

Whatever the case, I do think that Joy is something to envision and create for yourself. Contentment, time with Jesus and God, spending quality time with my husband, talking on the phone with my girlfriends, hot sand between my toes and swimming in the ocean, a nourishing meal, walks in the woods, sunshine on my face, smiling, yoga, running, sleeping, snuggling with my dog, abundance of good things, gratitude, teaching, writing, protecting nature, caring for people in pain, making our home cozy, potting plants, giving hugs, praying, and helping others are forms of joy for me.

Though I find myself logically disagreeing with Yo Yo Ma’s quote, I can’t help but feel inspired when I read it.

What’s your joy?

Thanks, Yo Yo Ma.



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