Sacred Spaces

Tonight John and I went to “Sacred Spaces” at our church, Grace Chapel.


Staff have lovingly turned common spaces inside our church into miniature sanctuaries. Natural elements such as fibrous netting, real flowers and plants, trickling water, stones, and sparkling lights, along with other props, have been creatively staged to add a soothing, unique feel to each location.


At each spot there was a sheet of paper with readings, as well as Bibles.


At some of the spots I closed my eyes and meditated, sometimes I took my time to look carefully at all of the decorations and visuals. Other times John and I held hands and sat quietly together. In the main chapel, we took Communion and also prayed.


At one stop we walked the Labyrinth, which is designed to be a walking meditation where you can move and walk along the path while talking to God or listening to Him, silently. This Lenten season at Grace Chapel the theme of the sermons has been “On the Road,” an examination and expression of all the different ways that Jesus encountered people and lived his life while on the road, and how we can live our lives with God as a part of our daily life.


Sacred Spaces is an extension of that, running for the length of Holy Week, a reflective time leading up to the celebration of Easter: He is Risen.

How are you spending time in peace and reflection?


May your week be filled with restorative quiet time, in whatever way feels good to you. 🙂







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