Drinking tea and planting – Sunday is a day of rest and renewal

Two of my favorite past times on the weekend are drinking hot tea, and tending to my indoor plants. I like to plant seeds, clippings that are rooting and ready for soil (“rootlings”), full-grown plants, rescues from the nursery or nearest big-box store, and trimming or watering my existing houseplants.

I also love to give my newly planted “rootlings” away to friends and family as gifts (for example, as a housewarming gift). I gave two away this month.

I love when my husband and I are working around our home on a Sunday after church, and the afternoon sun is pouring in through our living room windows. It’s bright and airy. He’s busy working on his hobbies, and me on mine. I put a kettle of water on the stove to boil, and when it whistles I pour the bubbling hot water over the tea bags (today we had organic yerba matte mint green tea!).

Our dog dozes and naps, sometimes watching me plant things with interest, other times going to lie down at the foot of her Dad’s chair. It’s nice to have sunlight, green leaves, rest, a hot drink, and to be surrounded by loved ones. Today is a day of rest and renewal.



All the best,



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