Cinnamon Red Nails! – self care and enjoyment

Hello Friends!

I like to paint my nails every couple of weeks (sometimes every few months if I’m giving my nails a break from nail polish). It is a fun and relaxing way for me to unwind, care for myself, and do something special and artistic.

I chose a medium shade of red – a cinnamon red – the same color as those cinnamon hearts you can buy at the candy store or around Valentines Day. Even though we’re several weeks away from V-Day, I chose red because I wanted to connect with the vibrancy and power of red. Red is also connected to the “root” or base chakra, which serves the purpose of connecting us to our earth and grounding us. I’m thankful for my grounding energy, and having red nails is a fun reminder of that intention – to stay grounded and powerful and strong.

This is one example of how I like to care for myself. What can you do to give yourself some love? What do you enjoy?




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