Half Marathon Training – update!

Feeling great after my 3-mile run today! Thank you to my awesome friends and family — I’m very inspired because you have donated $810 as of today (2/22/16). We are 8% of the way toward my goal of raising $10,000 for the Rainforest Trust by May 1st. Thank you again!

Hello Friends!

I am running my first ever half-marathon on May 1st, 2016, in honor of Rainforest Trust! The marathon is called Earth Rock Run, and it is 13.1 miles long! Please consider making a donation to my cause!

I am passionate about saving rainforests and it is a top priority.

Why? Because rainforests are the lungs of the earth, cleaning the air of carbon dioxide. Since rainforests grow year-round, not just seasonally, they absorb an enormous amount of carbon dioxide. They are also home to beautiful, diverse species of animals and plants.

Finally, there is evidence to suggest that rainforests help mitigate the spread of viruses, and they contain cures for many diseases, some undiscovered. For these reasons and more, I would love to help the Rainforest Trust continue its magnificent work preserving the world’s rainforests.

A top-rated charity by Charity Navigator, I can’t think of more efficient and trustworthy organization to support.

Please join me in supporting this cause and contribute! Thank you so much.




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