Refreshing my indoor Plants – warm & balmy inside, cold & Wintery Outside

I. Rooting

I love pothos plants. They are hardy, and grow fast. If they get overgrown, I cut pieces of them and put them in water. They root easily. Here I’ve transplanted a clipping into a small pot filled with organic soil.

2. Rescuing

Another favorite activity of mine is to go to Home Depot (or similar big-box stores) and ask to see the “clearance” plants. Or I seek out all the ones that are dying or drying out. I find great satisfaction in buying these plants, bringing them home, and resuscitating them. I have great success and the feeling of watching these once sick plants flourish is very wonderful. Plus, if you can get them on clearance, you will save money! (Left photo: before, Right photo: after).

3. Succulents

These beautiful, rainbow succulents were all rescues from Home Depot. When I first got them they were drying out and dying in their individual pots. I planted them together in these large, colorful pots, so that they could enjoy each other’s company! I watered them a lot, they are doing wonderfully now and really brighten the room.







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