Rainforest Puzzle!

Hello Friends!

Happy Saturday morning. My hubby got me this amazing rainforest-themed puzzle for Christmas. We started working on it over the holidays while we were staying with my in-laws, but then had to take it apart and pack it up as we had to fly home to Boston.

Needless to say, we took it out as soon as we got home, and started to work on it. To be fair, I have to tell you that my awesome husband has filled in most of it. He is really good at puzzles and has a sharp eye for finding just the right piece. He also notices patterns and details in the image on the box, that match up to the patterns and details on each piece. Cool.

I will add that in addition to being fun and satisfying, puzzles are also good for your brain, improving concentration, and relaxing. They are meditative and remind me of the experience of filling in coloring books, reading, or knitting (activities I greatly enjoy).

I love that the puzzle has a rainforest theme, as rainforest conservation is close to my heart. In fact, I will be making an announcement in a few days about an initiative I’m undertaking to conserve rainforest land. Stay tuned to hear more…!

-Kristen 🙂


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