The Power of Prayer

Hello Friends! Happy Sunday to you. It is warm and mild here in the Boston area, about 55 degrees and mostly sunny. Green shoots are springing up all around our neighborhood, poking their eager heads through the rich, brown soil. I took the above photos at church today (Grace Chapel, Lexington).  They were a part … Continue reading The Power of Prayer


Green Shoots, Spring is Coming!

I heard that a few inches of snow is being predicted for next week here in the Boston, Massachusetts, area...but on our walk with our Pomeranian, Penny, earlier today, John and I saw some beautiful green shoots coming out of the soil. The day was brisk but very sunny with a bright, blue sky. I think … Continue reading Green Shoots, Spring is Coming!

Half Marathon Training – update!

Hello Friends! I am running my first ever half-marathon on May 1st, 2016, in honor of Rainforest Trust! The marathon is called Earth Rock Run, and it is 13.1 miles long! Please consider making a donation to my cause! I am passionate about saving rainforests and it is a top priority. Why? Because rainforests are … Continue reading Half Marathon Training – update!

Refreshing my indoor Plants – warm & balmy inside, cold & Wintery Outside

I. Rooting I love pothos plants. They are hardy, and grow fast. If they get overgrown, I cut pieces of them and put them in water. They root easily. Here I've transplanted a clipping into a small pot filled with organic soil. 2. Rescuing Another favorite activity of mine is to go to Home Depot (or … Continue reading Refreshing my indoor Plants – warm & balmy inside, cold & Wintery Outside